Bushfire Risk Management Plan

Closes 28 Nov 2023

What is a Bushfire Risk Management Plan (BRM Plan)?

Under the State Hazard Plan – Fire, an integrated Bushfire Risk Management Plan (BRMP) is to be developed for local governments identified as having a significant bushfire risk. 

A bushfire risk management plan is a strategic document that:

  • Identifies bushfire risk - related risk at the strategic level and prioritises areas of the local government for further risk assessment;
  • Identifies assets of value that are at risk from bushfire, including communities, the built environment, infrastructure and economic, cultural and environmental assets:
  • Documents the risk ratings assigned to assets identified and assessed in the BRMP and their priority for treatment;
  • Documents the treatment strategies to be implemented to reduce the risk to an acceptable level, with priority given to the assets of greatest importance, that are most at risk;
  • Documents the responsibilities of land owners and treatment managers tasked with implementing the treatment strategies outlines in the BRMP; and 
  • Specifies a timeframe for land owners to implement the treatment strategies identified in the BRMP.


Below is an example infographic showing our planning framework: